All our charges are assessed on an individual basis, and will vary depending on the complexity of the treatment.


We will discuss your treatment with you at every stage and provide an estimate of the costs involved.

Creffield Lodge is registered with Denplan. If you would like to join this scheme for the provision of your dental care, then please ask for further details.

We take payment by cash, and most types of credit card at the end of each appointment. Please see the practice terms and conditions regarding payment and deposits.

Private dental charges are assessed on an individual basis and wil vary with treatment complexity. The following list is a guide only. (Prices updated 19/09/2023)

Private Price ListPrice GBP.
Affordable Everyday Dentistry

Routine Adult Examination

New Patient Examination (includes X-rays)



Routine child 6+ examination£20.00
Routine child 0-5 examinationfree
Small X-Ray£11.00
Panoramic X-Ray£55.00
Amalgam filling- premolar and molar teeth£100.00
Temporary filling£65.00
Metal crown- molar tooth£400.00
Porcelain bonded to metal crown- front tooth£400.00
Tooth Extraction£165.00
Recementing Crown£65.00
Emergency Stage 1 Root Canal Treatment£100.00
Accrylic partial dentureFrom £450.00
Accrylic full dentureFrom £600.00
Hygienist Appointment (25 minutes)£70.00
Premium Dentistry
Home Bleaching Kit£400.00
Cosmetic consultation£60.00deposit
Composite Filling Small (single surface)£150.00
Composite Filling Medium (2 surfaces)£165.00
Composite Filling Large (3+ surfaces)From £200.00
Composite edge bonding £210.00per tooth
Composite veneer bonding £240.00per tooth
RCT single canal£400.00
RCT 2 canals£500.00
RCT 3+ canals£700.00
Zirconia/e.max crown£600.00per tooth
e.max porcelain veneer£600.00
e.max porcelain veneer PREMIUM PLUS£900.00per tooth
Bridge – retainer unit (price per unit)£600.00
Bridge – pontic unit (price per unit)£600.00
Provisional crown – lab-made£150.00
Surgical Extraction£200.00
Surgical crown lengthening£200.00per tooth
CT scan small£165.00
CT scan medium£195.00
CT scan large£225.00
Dental Implant including final restoration£2,500.00
Guided Bone Regeneration (simultaneous bone graft)£450.00
Sinus lift£1,200.00
premium Acrylic partial denture£600.00
premium acrylic full denture£800.00
Cobalt Chrome Frame denture£1,000.00
Diagnostic wax-up / Smile Design£60.00per tooth
Michigan Acrylic Splint for Tooth Wear£800.00
B splint for anti clenching£250.00
Soft Bite Splint for TMJD£120.00
Sports Guard£120.00
Metal Fixed Braces Dual Arch£2,500.00
Metal Fixed Braces Single Arch£1,250.00
Radiance Dual Arch£3,000.00
Radiance Single Arch£1,800.00
Invisalign Full£4,500.00
Invisalign Moderate Dual Arch£3,740.00
Invisalign Moderate Single Arch£2,920.00
Invisalign Lite Dual Arch£3,240.00
Invisalign Lite Single Arch£2,370.00
Invisalign Express Dual Arch£1,840.00
Invisalign Express Single Arch£1,370.00
Vivera Retainers£150.00per ret
Removable Essix Retainers£120.00per ret
Fixed retainers£165.00
Periodontal treatment session with dentist (per hour)£300.00



Denplan Rates (2023): 

Group A: £19.45

Group B: £28.22

Group C: £33.96

Group D: £48.65

Group E: £58.37

Unpaid fees and missed appointments

Charges not settled on completion of treatment may be subject to a charge of 5% or £10 (whichever is the greater) per month. Any cost involved in recovering bad debts, for instance County Court fees, or Debt Collection agency charges, will be added in full to the outstanding account.

If you cannot attend any appointment please let us know in good time. At least one working days notice is required.  Missed appointments, or those cancelled without adequate notice will incur a charge at the rate of £200 per hour or part thereof.


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